In my experience grief group members and clients often bring up the issue of alcohol without being asked.

  • They want it “out there” that they know they shouldn’t be drinking as much as they are.
  • They want it “out there” that it’s hard to turn from something that helps them feel better – even if it is only temporary.
  • They also want it “out there” so someone will be kind and caring enough to say “try not to overdue it, ok? I care about you.”

What’s Your Grief’s recent blog post on grief and alcohol

I have recommended the blog What’s Your Grief before and I am doing so again. Eleanor and Litsa are mental health care providers who specialize in grief and loss, and they are also good researchers and writers. I have subscribed to their blog for a couple of years and highly recommend it to clients and readers who are grieving. Their recent post on alcohol is a worthwhile read.