Performer Satori Shakoor talks about how she came to life after her mother and son died within a 9-month period.

This post features one of the live performances from NY’s McArthur Award-winning The Moth Series.  Some of the presentations take your breath away. Here is Shakoor’s story of loss told through the lens of humor.

“Grief taught me how to lose, how to live and how to win.”

After the death of her mother and the  death of her son—Satori realizes she wants to live when she is sexually turned on by a “fine man” in a wheelchair—while grocery shopping in Kroger’s. Realizing she is desperate for a man she goes onto Craig’s List and finds a Jewish guy with “juicy lips.” As their conversation evolves he comments that he wants a “relationship.” Shakoor, however, says “I wasn’t sure I wanted to open my heart again…”

What is The Moth?

The Moth Series has provided an international stage for the art of personal storytelling since 1997. The Wall St. Journal says The Moth is “New York’s hottest and hippest literary ticket.”

If you are interested in hearing some of the live performances you can tune into The Peabody Award-winning public radio show: The Moth Radio Hour:

First time in print: Last month Hyperion published 50 of the thousands of stories in The Moth, edited by Catherine Burns. Seriously folks, grab a copy of this book from your favorite book vendor. It is an incredible read—and a reminder of the deep well of resilience we all possess.