Vicki Panagotacos, PhD FT

Vicki’s private practice focuses on 1) helping individuals maintain stability after the death of a loved one, and partnering with them to reclaim a vital lifestyle after the loss; and 2) coaching individuals and executives to attain what they hope for and what matters most.

Ms. Panagotacos holds various professional certifications and is an ADEC Fellow. In addition to her private practice, she writes for her blog She is also the author of Gaining Traction: Starting Over after the Death of Your Life Partner, The Effect of Multigenerational Family and Social Systems on Meaning-Making (2010, Verlag), and the chapter entitled “Defining and Envisioning Self in Techniques of Grief Therapy” in Creative Practices for Counseling the Bereaved (edited by Robert Niemeyer, 2012, Routledge).