Crying doesn’t mean you are weak

How often does a song remind you of your spouse—and bring you to tears? You might think this is a bad thing. You might think that if you start to cry you will never stop. You might want to change your mind.

Tears cleanse your mind and body—and your heart

Actually crying forces you to breathe deeply, which helps release physical and emotional tension. In addition stress hormones and toxins are released via emotional tears.

Schedule some time to cry

As you move through your fresh grief, listen to music you both loved and look through a favorite photo album or read a few letters you’ve saved—and welcome the tears.

“I Need My Girl” – a beautiful tribute to a loving relationship

The song “I Need My Girl,” by the American band The National, will be released on May 17. Below is the link to the band’s tender and beautiful pre-release video of different couples at different ages dancing to their sound track.  It will definitely open your heart.

I Need My Girl Music Video

Psychology Today magazine article on crying

Emotional Freedom: the health benefit of tears’ by Judith Orloff, M.D